Monday, July 2, 2012

VuGen Runtime settings ?

Think Time: Time delay between the user actions (Transactions)
Pacing: Time delay between the Iterations
Run Logic: number of iterations, This setting is applicable for both controller and Vugen.
Eg: Vugen: 1 user, 1 iteration, 2 or 3 Iteration
In Controller : Running hourly based Test,
  • Duration - 60 - Run logic iteration count will not be considered
  • Run until completion - Run logic iterations will be considered
  • Vugen : Vuser menu -> Run time settings - Run logic
  • Controller : Select the script(group) - Right click - Open Run time settings
  • Controller Run time settings will take priority over Vugen Run time settings

Log:   Vugen: Extended log enable to debug the scripts.
In Controller : Disable log while running big load test or select Send messages only error occurs
MiscellaneousAutomatic Transactions:
  • Define each Action as Transaction ( Default Action files: vuser_init, Action, Vuser_end) - Disable this option because we do not response time for action blocks, we are more intrested each user action/transaction response time
  • Define each step as a Transactions - Disable this also because it will provide each and every step(Get request or Post request) response time, rather than measuring response time each and every indivdual steps response time, it is recomednded to keep manual transaction points lr_start_transaction and lr_end_transaction

More information about run time settings:
1) If you run each Vuser as a thread, the Controller launches only one instance of the driver program (such as mdrv.exe), for every 50 Vusers (by default). This driver process/program launches several Vusers, each Vuser running as a thread. These threaded Vusers share segments of the memory of the parent driver process. This eliminates the need for multiple re-loading of the driver program/process saves much memory space, thereby enabling more Vusers to be run on a single load generator.
2) The main advantage of a multi thread environment is the ability to run more Vusers per load generator.
3) Only thread safe protocols should be run as threads.
1) If you run each Vuser as a process, then the same driver program is launched (and loaded) into the memory again and again for every instance of the Vuser. Loading the same driver program into memory uses up large amounts of RAM (random access memory) and other system resources. This limits the numbers of Vusers that can be run on any load generator.
2) The protocols Sybase-Ctlib, Sybase-Dblib, Informix, Tuxedo, and PeopleSoft-Tuxedo are not thread safe, so need to run as process

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