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What are the HP LoadRunner 11.0 Features

HP LoadRunner for the Windows operating system Software version: 11.00
Publication date: October 2010
What's New
Ajax TruClient -
An advanced protocol for modern JavaScript based applications (including Ajax) emulating user activity within a web browser. Scripts are developed interactively in Mozilla Firefox.
Silverlight - A new protocol for Silverlight based applications emulating user activity at the transport level. Allows generating high level scripts by automatically importing and configuring WSDL files used by the application.
Java over HTTP - A new protocol designed to record java-based applications and applets. It produces a Java language script using web functions. This protocol is distinguished from other Java protocols in that it can record and replay Java remote calls over HTTP.
The Citrix Protocol now supports Citrix Online Plugin versions 11.2 and 12.0.
Added support for Citrix XenApp Server 5.0
Oracle NCA - NCA Java object property support now provides automated creation and registration within a script of a query-answer table of communication between client-side Java objects and the Oracle NCA server.
SAPGUI - Added support for SAPGUI for Windows Client version 7.20..
Service Test - The LoadRunner Controller can run scripts created in HP Service Test 11.00, HP's solution for creating and running automated tests for SOA and headless technologies. Refer to the Service Test documentation for details of creating Service Test scripts for a load testing scenario.

FeaturesData Format Extension (DFE) - Enhanced data format capabilities for the Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol family. Allows converting raw HTTP traffic into a maintainable and structured XML format and enables correlations by XPATH.
Correlation Studio - Web (HTTP/HTML) automatic correlation mechanism has been enhanced to search for possible correlations in the larger scope of snapshot data created during code generation including data formatted by DFE.
Snapshot View - New snapshot view for Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol steps allows viewing complete HTTP traffic in both raw and DFE generated formats.
VuGen - HP ALM Integration - Enhanced integration with HP Application Lifecycle Management platform that serves also Quality Center and Performance Center editions..
Windows Support - Added support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. See below for limitations. Analysis Reports - Enhanced Analysis reports are more customizable. Analysis data can be exported to a variety of formats, including Word, Excel, PDF, and HTML. New report templates allow saving report definitions and generating reports based on a template.


SAP (Click and Script) recording. During recording, if you use a keyboard option instead of a UI element (for example, pressing Enter instead of clicking the log on button), the step may not be recorded. In general, when recording your script, it is recommended to use UI elements rather than keyboard options.
Citrix snapshots. Black snapshots may appear during record or replay when using Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 and 4.5 (before Rollup Pack 3).
Possible workaround: On the Citrix server select Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Terminal Services Configuration > Server Settings > Licensing and change the setting Per User or Per Device to the alternative setting (ie If it is set to Per User , change it to Per Device and vice versa.)

Recording Window Size and XenApp Plugin for Hosted Applications 11. The recording window size options does not work properly with the XenApp Plugin for Hosted Applications 11. The size of the client window is installed, but the server screen resolution is not. This is a Citrix Client bug and will be fixed in future Citrix Client versions.

Workaround: When recording, set the window size equal to the local screen resolution. When replaying/load testing, set the VuGen or Load Generator's screen resolution to equal the resolution used when the script was recorded.
-->For the following protocols, replay is supported but recording is no longer supported: Siebel DB2, Siebel MSSQL, Siebel Oracle, and Voice XML.
-->In Test Result reports , you can only use the Export to HTML file utility for scripts replayed in version 9.50 and later. To generate an HTML report for scripts created with earlier versions, run the script again in the 9.50 version (or later) of the product.
-->If you terminated the Protocol Advisor immediately after the detection process started, the Protocol Advisor may leave a zombie process of the detected application, causing all recordings and detection sessions that follow to fail. Workaround: Manually terminate the zombie process.
-->The new Web snapshot model is backward compatible with previous versions of LoadRunner, however some snapshot data may be missing. If this occurs, regenerate the script.
-->The JSON Data Format Extension does not work in UNIX environments.
-->Recording a network based application on Windows 7. To record a network-based application (including Web), IPv6 communication must be disabled. Follow the instructions in to disable IPv6 in Windows 7.
-->For protocols using XML, replay fails to create a request when a parameterized input argument contains the ampersand (&) character.

Correlation Studio
In VuGen, when correlating large amount of snapshot data, in some cases the parameter is not created and data is not correlated.
Scan for correlation will work on a script that was regenerated and replayed with the early access version.

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