Sunday, July 1, 2012

WLST on Weblogic 8.1

In WLS 9.0 onwards WLST in inbuild with weblogc.jar, but for WLS 8.1 you would need use the jython.jar and wlst.jar files in order to run WLST.

You will have to add both these files in the beginning of the CLASSPATH varibale in setWLSenv.cmd/.sh

Eg: set CLASSPATH=C:\Installer\wlst_v62\jython.jar;C:\Installer\wlst_v62\wlst.jar;C:\Installer\wlstExplorer\wlstExplorer.jar;%WEBLOGIC_CLASSPATH%;%CLASSPATH%

How to run:
1. Open a new command window
2. Run the 'setWLSenv.cmd/.sh' script to set the enviroment variables
3. invoke WLST in interavtive mode using the follwowing command : 'java weblogic.WLST'

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