Friday, August 10, 2012

How to send Emails using Blat utility in LoadRunner

we can send hundreds of emails to the server then one option is to use a web email client to simulate the load but it has following limitations

1. Your own corporate/personal Email id need to be used in LoadRunner Script but it may fill up the mail box

2. Password credentials need to be made visible in the script.

Other option is to use Blat utility which is a third party freeware utility. It sends the contents of a file in an e-mail message using the SMTP protocol.

Download the attached blat.dll utility and create a sample script as shown below.


command_line_Send = (char *)malloc(1024 * sizeof(char));

if(CheckLoadBlatDLL != 0) //if return code not zero then DLL not loaded!!Reload it
    lr_output_message("BLAT Emailing DLL Not Loaded Successfully !!! Reloading the DLL");
    CheckLoadBlatDLL = lr_load_dll("blat.dll");
f1=fopen(lr_eval_string("C:\\SR_{vuser_id}.txt"), "wb+" );
fprintf(f1,lr_eval_string("Email Performace Testing {TimeStamp}"));

//Initialize all the command line parameters for Blat tool

strcpy(DestEmailID,lr_eval_string("{EmailId} ")); // Destination Email ID
strcpy(Subject,lr_eval_string("\"Email PerfTesting{TimeStamp}\" ")); // EmailID Subject
strcpy(SMTPServer,lr_eval_string("{SMTPServer}")); //Your Corporate SMTP Server
strcpy(FromEmailID,lr_eval_string("{FromEmailID} "));// Source Email Id
strcpy(AttachFile,"C:\\attach.pdf "); // Any attachment
strcpy(BodyText,lr_eval_string("C:\\SampleBody{vuser_id}.txt "));// Email Body
lr_output_message("The Destination EmailId is :%s",lr_eval_string("{EmailId}"));

//Verify whether DLL Loaded successfully

if (CheckLoadBlatDLL == 0) //if return code not zero then not DLL not loaded
    lr_output_message("BLAT Emailing DLL Loaded Successfully ");
    // Build the Command line for sending Emails
    strcpy( command_line_Send, BodyText);
    // strcat( command_line_Send, "-attach ");
    //strcat( command_line_Send, AttachFile);
    strcat( command_line_Send, "-to ");
    strcat( command_line_Send, DestEmailID);
    strcat( command_line_Send, "-f ");
    strcat( command_line_Send, FromEmailID);
    strcat( command_line_Send, "-s ");
    strcat( command_line_Send, Subject);
    strcat( command_line_Send, "-server ");
    strcat( command_line_Send, SMTPServer);
    lr_output_message("Parameters for Send Command : %s", command_line_Send);
    temp_error_code = Send(command_line_Send);
    lr_output_message("Return code of Send command %d " , temp_error_code);
  //Check successful message sending.
   if (temp_error_code == 0) {
      lr_output_message("Email Sent Successfully ");
  if(temp_error_code != 0){
  switch( temp_error_code ){
  case 1:
   //Command Line Bad Argument
   //Unable to open SMTP socket
   //Command unable to write to socket
   //Server does not like To: address
   // Mail server error accepting message data
   lr_error_message("ERROR : Check the command Line Argument Format");
  case 2:
   //The server actively denied our connection.
   //The mail server doesn't like the sender name.
   lr_error_message("ERROR : Email Server Denied connection or File does not exist");
   }//end SWITCH
 }//end IF
  lr_output_message("Unable to Load the Blat DLL - Check whether DLL exists at the specified location ");
return 0;

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