Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Best OOPS Concepts with examples

OOPS Concepts are mainly 4
Abstraction:-Hidding non-essential features and showing the
essential features

Hidding unnecessary data from the users details,is called
Real Time example:TV Remote Button

in that number format and power buttons and other buttons
there.just we are seeing the butttons,we don't see the
button circuits.i.e buttons circutes and wirings all are i think its good example.


    Writing Operations and methods stored in a single
class.This is Called Encapsulation

Real Time Example:Medical Capsuals
i.e one drug is stored in buttom layer and another drug is
stored in Upper layer these two layers are combined in
single capsual.

   The New Class is Existing from Old Class,i.e SubClass is
Existing from Super Class.

Real Time Example:
      Father and Son Relationship


          Sinle Form behaving diffreantly in diffreant
Person in Home act is husband/son,
       in Office acts Employer.
       in Public Good Cityzen.

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