Friday, June 21, 2013

step by step upgrade from Quality Center 10 to Quality Center 11 (ALM 11.0)

Follow the below steps to upgrade from Quality Center 10 to Quality Center 11 (ALM 11.0)

 Backup the projects’ databases and site administration database (“qcsiteadmin_db”) from the Quality Center 10 database server.

1.     Backup the projects’ repositories from the Quality Center 10 server. Each project has the location of the repository at the project properties in the Site Administration web site.

1.     Restore the project databases and the Site administration’s database at the Quality Center 11 database server.

1.     Install Quality Center 11.

 Note: Quality Center has 2 different databases, the project databases and the site admin database. When migrating, to keep users, user configurations, and site administration parameters, the same database name that was used to restore the project on the database server must be used. Select “Upgrade a copy” or “Upgrade the existing schema” option during installation.


5. Paste/Restore the repositories in the expected repository location in the new installation.

6.  Restore the projects

a)    Login Site Administrator and create a new empty project.

b)    Go to the new empty project’s folder repository and make a copy of the “dbid.xml” file.

c)    Remove your projects from the Site Administration (Reason: it has connections to the old database server). Do not delete the project because it will remove the project schema from the database server.

d)    Go to the project’s folder and rename the existing “dbid.xml” file to “dbidold.xml”

e)    Paste a copy of the “dbid.xml” file from the empty new project.

f)     Edit the “dbid.xml” to match your project environment description as follow:


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ ?>


<PROJECT_NAME>** Put the project name **</PROJECT_NAME>





<DB_NAME>** Put the project schema name **</DB_NAME>




<PHYSICAL_DIRECTORY>** Put the correct path of the repository folder of this project**\</PHYSICAL_DIRECTORY>










PROJECT_NAME: the name of the project, for example: NEW_PROJECT.

DB_NAME: the name shown in the database list, for example: NEW_PROJECT_DB

PHYSICAL_DIRECTORY: by default, this values is:
<Drive>:\Program  Files\Mercury\Quality Center\repository\qc\<Domain_Name>\<Project_Name_Folder>

PROJECT_UID: Keep the same amount of digits and modify the last two values to get a unique ID


7. From the site administrator restore projects using the “dbid.xml” file edited for all projects

 8. Verify, repair and upgrade project

a) Right click on it and select “Maintain Project”

b) Select Verify Project

c) After verification finished, select Repair project

d) After project repair, select Upgrade project

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