Monday, August 26, 2013

Top 10 Mistakes Made by New Agile Teams

Top 10 Mistakes Made by New Agile Teams

The following is a collection of the 10 most common mistakes that a new Agile team can make. You’ll find suggested remedies that come directly from our support, user learning, and coaching teams, who have years of experience guiding teams through Agile transitions. If you’re new to Agile, Rally, or just need a refresher, click an item in the list below to jump directly to a topic:
  1. Fear
  2. Poor communication
  3. Poor team structure
  4. Poor estimation
  5. Poor planning
  6. Poor testing
  7. Ignoring customer feedback
  8. Lack of team empowerment
  9. Lack of retrospective and demo meetings
  10. No plan to address employee resistance

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