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Step by step Apache Installation & Configuaration

Apache Installation & Configuaration

Installation made simple Steps which you can follow them

Step1: Download the any stable version of httpd for your operating environemnt (Now I am intersted in Solaris) suitable binaries given as tar/zip file (Ex: httpd-2.2.11.tar) and Extract it

tar -xvf httpd-2.2.11.tar

Step2: Go to httpd-2.2.11 directory and execute the confiure command to configure the apache in one folder (Ex: apache2)

cd httpd-2.2.11
./configure --prefix=$Home/apache2

Step3: We need to execute the below commands to build I mean compile the binaries

make install

Step4: take the backup of httpd.conf file

cd apache2/conf
cp httpd.conf httpd.conf_original

Step5: Edit the httpd.conf configuration file

vi httpd.conf
ServerRoot "$Home/apache2"
(ServerRoot is the path to the server's configuration, error and log files.It is possible to change this path, provided all the necessary files are copiedto the new location accordingly)
Listen IPAddress:Port (Ex: Listen
LoadModule weblogic_module modules/
User wlusername
#main content of wl application details to update in httpd.conf file
Open tag of IfModule
#keep the info in open tag of IfModule ---mod_weblogic.c
WebLogicCluster hostname:9902,hostnamevir1:9902
MatchExpression *.jsp
close tag of IfModule
Open tag of Location
#keep /application root folder name in Lacation
SetHandler weblogic-handler
DynamicServerList ON
HungServerRecoverSecs 600
ConnectTimeoutSecs 40
DebugConfigInfo OFF
Debug ON
WLLogFile /$Home/apache2/logs/web1.log
ConnectRetrySecs 2
Idempotent ON
FileCaching ON
SecureProxy OFF
Debug OFF
Close tag of Location

ServerName (we can use dns name , if we don't have it then we can use the ip)

Step6:copy the module file from $Home/wl923/bea/weblogic92/server/plugin/solaris/sparc to $Home/apache2/modules
cp $Home/wl923/bea/weblogic92/server/plugin/solaris/sparc/ $Home/apache2/modules/

Step7:check the status of apche configuaration is ok
cd $Home/apache2/bin
apachectl -t
Step8: Now the starting your newly installed Apache webserver
apchectl -k start or httpd -k start

Step9: Access the application with the apache port
http://hostip:port(which%20is%20kept%20in%20httpd.conf/ file)/ProjectName/jsp/Logon.jsp
Step10: Stop the Apache
apchectl -k stop or httpd -k stop

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