Monday, December 22, 2014

Create the listener for Glassfish server

netstat -an |grep -i "LISTEN"

Down load the connecter

Complie the connecter

Create the listener of the ajp 8009

he problem is from "-Dcom.sun.enterprise.web.connector.enableJK=${AJP_PORT}" seems not the right way anymore, its in Glassfish 2.1 but in Glassfish 3.1.2 you need to :
1.    From your cluster config --> Network Config --> Network Listeners (click on this)
2.    Create "New..." listener.
3.    Fill new listener info :
·         Name it like : jk-connector , port with: ${AJP_PORT} , check on "JK Listener" to enable it , forprotocol select "Use an existing protocol" then select "http-listener-1" protocol , for Thread Pool select "http-thread-pool" (not sure about this till now, but used same pool of another listeners).

Then start instances, if started successfully try check their ports is listening using "netstat -an | grep " eg: "netstat -an | grep 9090" and so.