Saturday, June 23, 2012

how to Install Apache Axis?

1) Download Axis Distribution archive from
           - Axis distribution archive contains a web application ( webapps/axis/ directory) for hosting an Axis Server in a web container like Tomcat
2) Deploy  Axis Server in the Tomcat 4.X server
a) Copy Axis Web application (webapps/axis directory) to TOMCAT_HOME/webapps
b) Copy jaxrpc.jar (that is provided with Axis distribution) and xerces.jar ( or any other XML parser) to TOMCAT_HOME/common/lib
        jaxrpc.jar and xerces.jar includes classes with “java” and “javax” packages and Tomcat does not authorize to load any classes in that package from  WEB-INF/ lib directory of the web application.
3) Configure the environment by including these libraries in the CLASSPATH
        - log4j-core.jar
        - commons-logging.jar
        - wsdl4j.jar
        - jaxrpc.jar
        - axis.jar
        - xerces.jar ( or any other XML Parser)
                 - axis-ant.jar

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