Friday, August 10, 2012

How to excute LoadRunner Flex / amf Protocol ?

LoadRunner Flex / amf Protocol


Flex software development kit provides user interface components like button, data grids, layouts. Flex work as a presentation layer for n-tier web applications.
It maintains a state, where it can send; receive data from server side without reloading the page. Flex works just like AJAX.

Working on Flex Protocol

1. Choose multi protocol recording and select Web, Flex or Web, AMF protocol depending on the requirement.

2. Set the Flex code generation options and don’t forget to provide path of the flex jar files. To Get valid xml we require jar files, which were used by developers like,
  • flex-messaging-core.jar
  • flex-messaging-common.jar
  • flex-messaging-opt.jar
  • flex-messaging-proxy.jar
  • flex-messaging-remoting.jar
3. Start recording the business flow. After completion of recording, in the script you can see the there are flex_amf_call with BEGIN_ARGUMENTS, then XML formatted values and END_ARGUMENTS.

4. To correlate the values in amf request, go to tree view.

5. Find the dynamic value in xml grid of the response and right click and create a parameter.

6. Provide file name and parameter name where you want to capture the dynamic value.

7. Then replace all the instances of that value in the script with the created parameter.

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